AutoRust_BB_08_3X50WSH45Here at Auto Rust Technicians, our goal is to correct your rust problems and help you restore your classic car’s structural integrity. We can also help you fix a small rust problem on your daily driver before it becomes a big (expensive) rust problem.

Auto Rust Tech has been reconstructing rusted cars and trucks for 35 years now. The company was created in 1977. With a background in engineering, and hailing from the manufacturing mecca of Detroit, Michigan, Jerry wanted to be in business manufacturing products for the automotive industry. The initial plan was to join into the aftermarket industry and make oversized fuel tanks and tube products for off road jeeps. As the small product line developed, several other areas were explored, including seat frames, tanks, bumper racks and assorted other small metal products.

One day a friend asked Jerry if he knew anyone that could weld up his old Volkswagen Beetle. Not being someone to pass up a chance to make some cash, Jerry took it into his fabrication shop and started welding. Thirty years later we’re an overnight success.

We’ve repaired over 15,000 vehicles in our 35 years. With a vast inventory of techniques learned over the past 35 years, we are able to repair automobiles that no one else will even look at, never mind fix, and guarantee our work.

We also developed a great product line; Safe-T-Cap Frame repair kits, which we created to assist ourselves in repairing vehicles. What was once parts for our own use, has turned into a small manufacturing business. We make kits for all the popular Mopars, as well as assorted GM muscle cars, and also Jeeps, Saabs, Mustangs & Datsun Z cars. We are continually developing new products to meet our customers’ demands. It’s our way of fixing the car without being there.

We are located in Rhode Island, in an industrial park on the outskirts of the Capitol City of Providence. We utilize every available area in our 10,000 sq foot facility to do our rust repair and manufacturing. We are fully equipped to sandblast, fabricate, and do preliminary body work on our repairs. We are not equipped to do finish body work, nor do we do any paint work. We do not do any mechanical work unless it’s directly involved in our repair procedures. Naturally we do not offer any interior work either. We prefer to do what we specialize in: “rustorations”, and leave the rest up to the other specialists.

More and more television shows are teaching people how much fun it is to have an older car, and people are finding vehicles, sometimes in the most unusual places, that need rust repair. Whether it is structural or cosmetic, Auto Rust Tech is the most capable to assist in repairing the vehicle and providing the owner with the confidence that our 35 years experience brings.